Highnessoft uses a superior engagement model to deliver its customers with a time tested offshore services. Highnessoft offers a unique value proposition by utilizing the best offshore practices, which it has gathered over a period of time.

Technology Services we offer:

IT Solution: Highnessoft has been developing & delivering critical application on new age technologies for its clients worldwide. Highnessoft follows a time tested development methodology and process, which ensures the project, is always delivered in time. All of the Highnessoft-designed application development are benchmarks in their respective industry and stand tall with respect to functionality, technology and cost-effectiveness. The highly specialized software development team undertakes activity in business analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of clients' requirements as per accepted international standards.

Offshore Software Development: The IT development processes at Highnessoft are well evolved as we has strong product development and project experiences.

      Highnessoft offers a world-class infrastructure, the technology, domain expertise and a time tested and streamlined offshore process, along with the skilled resources according to our clients’ requirements.

       Highnessoft also offers immense scalability on the resources, infrastructure and offshore model. This helps business to scale itself according to the requirements to provide immediate or phased development objectives at a favorable cost structure. Highnessoft deliver a unique value proposition by utilizing the best global practices and technology.


We provide a wide range of data entry and data enhancement services to help you save money, while efficiently completing your projects. Find out more about our data entry services.



Web Application: Highnessoft specializes in providing an end-to-end solution for planning, developing, implementing and supporting your e-business strategy. Highnessoft acts as technology partners in taking the enterprise to high levels of efficiency, interactivity, external and internal customer satisfaction, better resource management and the list goes on.

Business Analysis: Highnessoft has always envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practice for getting a better understanding of their client's needs and requirements. Now they have also started offering professional advice to their clients so as to enable them to operate more efficiently and produce more value.

     Highnessoft provides a structured approach for determining project requirements, including:

  • Define the project's scope.

  • Gather information required for the documents.

  • Communicate the requirements to the company.

  • Identify the solution.

  • Manage change request.

  • Verify that the business requirements have been met.

  • System Architecture.

     Highnessoft has always used a process oriented approach towards understanding their clients' needs and capture them into a design of solution. The Enterprise Designing Practices, at Highnessoft, ensures that all the processes, business logics, user requirements and data models are well recorded. For this, we use UML 2.0 methodology to design client's solution and streamline it in a developed process. The designs generated through UML process acts as a valuable documentation for the system and helps in transfer of knowledge from the client's side much easier.

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